As part of ZALORA's efforts to support environmental sustainability, we are slowly making our way to go completely paperless.


Your E-Invoice will be available for download when the order is "Delivered". Access the e-invoice by going to "My Account" on Desktop.

Please note:

  • E-invoice is only available for download for the items that are Sold by ZALORA.
  • Invoices for Third-Party Sellers cannot be downloaded as of the moment. 
  • You will continue to receive a hard copy of your Invoice for items sold by Third-Party Sellers.
  • A physical/printed invoice is not needed for returns Sold by ZALORA. 


A. My Account on Desktop

1. Go to My Account > Orders & Tracking > View Order

2. In the order detail page, click PRINT INVOICE button to download the invoice

  • The PRINT INVOICE will only be enabled if the order is in delivered status, if not below notification will be shown in case they hover over the PRINT INVOICE button
  • For orders with multiple items being shipped at different times, clicking the PRINT INVOICE button will download multiple, separate invoices.